Review of 3 Gradual Tanning Lotions

I have tried and tested 3 different lotions which are supposed to build up a tan on the skin. The weather is warm now, and although I’ve already got a natural tan from being outside, I do like to top it up with tanning lotion just because my legs become pale so quick. I tried three brands, Dove summer glow, Garnier summer body and Rodial Brazillian tan. I have been applying tanning lotion once or twice a week. The instructions say you can apply it daily, but I find that using it this often makes my legs streaky or orange, not to mention it doesn’t smell the greatest.

Dove Summer Glow- Fair- Medium Skin

This is both a moisturising and tanning lotion which feels similar on the skin to the other Dove moisturising lotions. I find it becomes streaky and so you have to spend time ensuring it is spread evenly over the skin. On the upside, it’s cheap, retailing at about £4 for 250ml. I used the lotion for fair to medium skin which was strong enough for my skin colour.

gradual tan mosituriser

Garnier Summer Body

Also a moisturising lotion, this is my favourite product out of the three. It smells the nicest with an ok apricot scent at first, however once settled into the skin, it turns into that typical tan smell. The lotion does provide a tan effect and gives a less streaky coverage than the Dove. It costs about £6 for 250ml which is pretty affordable considering it is also a moisturising lotion.

Garnier tan lotion

Rodial Brazillian Tan

I got this as a sample from a magazine, but it is pricier than the other two products, costing from £17 in a spray form of 200ml. It is called a gel rather than a lotion, and although it feels similar, it has no apparent moisturising properties. When I applied it I was overwhelmed by its unpleasant smell, which was so bad I could barely stand to use it again! For these reasons I would not buy the product. However I was surprised that it didn’t make my legs super streaky after one application considering the bottle says dark. In fact it didn’t seem to make my legs too dark either. I don’t really want to continue to try this product, mainly because of the horrible smell which wouldn’t bother me so much if you could wash it off straight away rather than having to leave the product on my skin!

Sun tan lotion review

Overall I would use the Garnier lotion a couple of times a week to give my skin a bit of a tan. The tan effect I got from the products did fade rather quickly and therefore I would recommend applying it the day before you go out somewhere. I will keep looking for a tanning lotion which is not smelly and has an even coverage. If anyone has any suggestions please leave it in the comments below!


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