What A Hollywood Wax Is Really Like

I didn’t want to write a cringy blog post, but there is no way of trying to scoot around the details of this topic. I have had a Hollywood wax a couple of times and wanted to describe my experience. My personal preference is to be smooth and completely hair free in that area, as well as other areas such as my armpits and legs. For me it feels much more comfortable and I prefer how it looks that way.

I’ve been shaving for years but was fed up with the ultra quick, prickly hair regrowth. I decided to try a wax to get out of my comfort zone and figure out what I like best for my body. Having one of these waxes is really not a big deal. You grow your hair for 3 to 4 weeks and it is waxed off with either a warm wax or a hot wax (I’ve had both). It is a bit painful but not exceptionally, I think there are exaggerations of the pain, and i’m pretty sure some of my athletic training sessions are more painful.

Hollywood wax
Bikini season is here!

Also I think that some of the things I read prior to my first wax were unnecessary, such as taking painkillers before, showering at certain times and wearing certain clothing. You just go, and for the sake of the waxer, with a clean vajayjay, and they do the rest. You put on some paper pants and place a towel over you. These help your modesty at first, but once they get started, the towel and pants will be moved around. A hollywood is the longest and takes about half and hour to 45 minutes.


If you have been considering trying a hollywood, brazillian or bikini wax then I recommend booking one. For me, it’s so much better than shaving. The hair grows back softer, it looks better and will last longer if you are going on holiday. However you still get that annoying period of hair regrowth and unlike shaving the hair grows back at slower, varying rates.


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