Beauty, Fashion And Food: What Is Right And Wrong?

I think torture is one of the worst things; worse than killing. I regard torture as an unnecessary infliction of pain, hence why I believe so strongly that animals should not be used to test on for any purpose. Even though I am a great supporter of animals, I am not a vegetarian, as eating meat in moderation is a natural part of our diet. However I should mention that I don’t eat pork, one reason for this is because I come from a Jewish background. Another reason is that pork comes in many variations such as bacon, sausages and pepperoni etc, making it a popular meat, and I do not wish to add to the amount of pigs being killed for it. Besides, it seems to be the less healthy option of meats.

Most beauty products are not necessary for the survival of human life and accordingly should not be made at the expense of animal suffering. This does not mean I am against beauty since I love beauty things myself. The purpose of beauty should be to help people feel good about themselves and should be carried out in the healthiest way possible. It also makes for great fun socially too. There is a world of cosmetics and products around us and thinking about it all, I can’t help but feel that products which are healthy for human beings wouldn’t need to be tested on animals anyway.

Natural beauty
Natural ingredients used to purify the skin. Image by Breakingpic via Pexels

To combat the line between right and wrong, I think moderation, research and thinking for ourselves is key. Whether this be food, fashion or beauty. I continue to learn and build on my general awareness surrounding each of these industries. Food wise, I try to eat all the food groups in moderation, wash fruit and veg to clean off chemicals, and buy organic when I can. I make choices depending on what my body needs and not what the media is telling me. My personal preference is to stick to foods with low salt. For fashion, I am aiming to build a capsule wardrobe with better thought out items of clothing. As for beauty, I am still researching the industry, but I am trying to stick to companies which do not engage in animals testing and will be looking into using more natural products.


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