Girl Talk- Growing Up With A Big Bust- My Favourite Bra Brand

Growing Up

It took me a long time to find the right fitting bra. Being a big busted girl in ratio to my slim body meant my bra size changed a lot throughout my teenage years. It was about two years ago at the age of 20 when I believe I finally got my bra fit exactly right. Embarrassingly, between the ages of 11 to 15, I went from a AA cup to an F/ FF cup. The funny thing is, as you go through adolescence you don’t know how big your bust is going to get. I think it was more of a shock to my mum than me when I constantly said that I needed a new bra. I was at an awkward stage where as soon as I got a bra size up, my boobs seemed to have already overtaken it. Most of the time I had bras which were too small, but once I realised my boobs were rather big I would get a bra that was too big, making my bust look even bigger than it was.

Girl talk
Wearing my Freya deco delight bra in 28F

Finding The Right Fit

Probably many of us have read that more than half of women are wearing the wrong bra size. So going into my 20’s with a stable body weight, I wanted to find out how my bra should actually fit. I always stayed away from bra fittings for a few reasons: I was too shy to do it, scared that highstreet shops wouldn’t have my size, and felt that most bras fitted differently between brands anyway.

The Freya brand changed things for me because the first Freya bra I bought was also the first bra I fell in love with. Freya stock lots of sizes which means I am able to find my perfect size. I did research into how a bra should fit, which included watching this Freya You Tube fitting guide:

Before this research, I always wore a band 32 because in retails shops you don’t often find smaller than a 32. I don’t know why this is, as I am a size 8/10 in clothes which is a common size, yet I usually fit smaller than a band 32 (either a 28 or 30 depending on the brand). You are supposed to wear a bra quite fitted to your body whilst on the loosest hook, and then over weeks and months as the band stretches from wear, move it up to the tightest hook. The cut of the cups can come in different styles, but should fit so that you’re not spilling out over the top, nor should it be too baggy or make your boobs look a lot bigger than they are. Push up bras, balconette, plunge, unpadded and padded should all follow the same rule.

The best bra brand

My Favourite Bra brand

Freya has multiple styles of bras for any age. It is a brand designed to help a broader range of ladies especially with bigger busts. It has sizes from B-K cup and band sizes from 28-38. I don’t wear a bra at home, but when I go out, this brand has been a complete life saver. Now when I wear tight tops, my bra emphasises my bust in an attractive way. I stick to Freya because I know my size, I’m a 28F and the sizing is consistent in most collections. It makes bra shopping a whole lot easier and I order my Freya bra’s online usually from Brastop, Bravissimo or Figleaves. You can find them in shops such as House of Fraser and John Lewis but the style and size variety is much greater online.


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