Top Tips For Online Clothes Shopping

Online shopping has its benefits. We can access many more clothing brands than those which are located in towns or high streets. We can also think through purchasing decisions which may be rushed within a shop environment. Yet we obviously can’t try garment’s on when shopping online, so we have to use alternative ways to decide whether to buy something or not. These are my top tips to making an online purchase.

Choosing The Website

I recommend opting for websites which offer free returns. Free returns are more important than free deliveries, because return fees can become pricier than delivery fees. Also the company will provide you with the returns address label which makes it much easier. In addition, it means you can buy multiple sizes or styles in order to compare them and then return what doesn’t work, without the fear of a messy return situation. Still the key to this post is to purchase items that do work, rather than order a bunch of stuff and hope that something looks good. However sometimes there is no getting around a piece of clothing not being what you expected. I also like to stick to brands and sites I trust and have had a good experience with in terms of the clothing they sell and their delivery and returns process.

Online shopping

Filter Results

Even from the comfort of your own home, online shopping can start to hurt your brain with all the results. Be sure to filter the results with your size and the style, and know what item of clothing you want, so as not to get distracted by everything else.


This is an obvious one but if there are reviews, read them and take note. I usually find that 5 star reviewed items do turn out better then say, 3 stars. This does not mean that you should not buy from a website or buy an item which doesn’t have reviews, just consider those items carefully.

Does It Work With You

When you are browsing results, you will inevitably consider whether you initially like the look of the item, but also think about whether it would suit you. When browsing, I always contemplate whether a garment would suit my figure and question if the item will go with clothing I already own. The last thing you want is to splash out on something but you can’t wear it with anything.

Consider Fibre Content

You may not be able to touch the garment until it gets delivered to you, but you can anticipate how it will feel. Understand what you want the garment to be like and if you’re prepared to follow the wash instructions, e.g. hand wash only. Analyse pictures carefully and always read the description. I always read the fibre content whether I’m in a store or on the internet. For example, you may want jeans with stretch in them but consider how much stretch, there is quite a big difference between 2% elastane and 8% elastane.

buying online


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