Can You Have A Blog With Low Confidence?

For some of us confidence comes easily, and for others it doesn’t. Confidence, not cockiness, is seen to be a good thing, even attractive, but feeling unconfident can be deeply overwhelming.

Falling into the latter pool of people makes me hesitant and even nervous about my looks and abilities. It can also make me feel like I don’t fit in well with social groups. These problems are often exacerbated by things such as relationships and exams, which can bring about feelings of not being good enough. Extremely unconfident people can even be affected by minor comments and ‘overthinking.’ Then at other times it may be more of a feeling that you can’t shake off, hidden within your subconsciousness.

To try and combat my low self esteem and lack of confidence, I am trying to take myself out of my comfort zone. Coming out of your comfort zone can be very overwhelming for unconfident people, especially if it involves something that you care about. For example, as an athlete I get extremely bad nerves before I race. I believe in myself enough to be at the start line, but I don’t believe in myself enough to be confident about it. Two of my least favourite feelings are nerves and embarrassment, emotions associated with low confidence. I have been running and training for 7 years, yet I have not become any less nervous about racing. Another thing I am not confident about is this blog. Putting my ideas forward for other people to see is scary, especially if people I know read it. I don’t know where my lack of confidence stems from, but I can’t let it stop me from pursuing my dreams!

unconfident people


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