The All Round Facial Product For Any Skincare Routine

Moisturising is an important step in everyone’s skincare routine. Using a lotion or cream keeps the skin supple, lubricated and helps the skin to retain vital water. Moisturisers also usually have other properties, such as balancing or anti-ageing. This is why all skin types should use a moisturiser.

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Feeling Alone: A Poem And How A Blog Helps

One of the hardest things is not to be alone, but to feel alone. This is when it seems like no one can see you or understand you. One of the good things about having a blog is that you’re reaching out to people who have chosen to read your post. Continue reading “Feeling Alone: A Poem And How A Blog Helps”

Review Of ESPA Serum

I was excited to get this product, as I’d been wanting a serum for a while. Serum’s are useful for all skin types as they are basically various oils in one product. These oils have an array of vitamins and essential fatty acids to help nourish the skin, as well as providing lubrication for dry skins. Continue reading “Review Of ESPA Serum”


Deodorants: The Good And The Bad

Warnings about what goes into beauty products are becoming more prevalent. In many of my blog posts I talk about how natural a product is, yet it’s not really natural that is the crucial thing, but whether the ingredients are beneficial and safe for the human body. Continue reading “Deodorants: The Good And The Bad”


Dreamy Moisturiser’s With Lavender, Almond and Chocolate

I’m a dry skinned girl which unfortunately means that my lips can peel, my nose can flake and my legs can feel taut. Also I wash my hands a lot with soap which causes them to dry out extremely badly. My hands can actually get so dry that I have to keep a moisturiser in my bag at all times, as without one they can crack and bleed. Dry skin can be due to genetics, a lack of water Continue reading “Dreamy Moisturiser’s With Lavender, Almond and Chocolate”


Why I Love Rose Water

I recently bought some pure rose water as I’ve heard so many good things about it. Although I was paying for ‘just’ a small bottle of flowery water, at least I know what’s really in it, compared to other fancy liquids with who knows what chemicals in them, besides the price wasn’t that bad (mid market). Also I understand that in order for roses to be turned into a liquid containing all the beautifying properties Continue reading “Why I Love Rose Water”


How Can We Find The One?

It’s been a long time since I’ve been asked out on a date, and I’m not sure if doing such a thing even still exists. However, I don’t want to end up in a relationship Continue reading “How Can We Find The One?”


Things That Make Us Beautiful

How do we become more beautiful? Making myself more beautiful is like a development of growth. When I think about how I can improve my beauty, I consider various things. I think about my appearance on the outside, i.e. my skin and hair and what I clothe my skin in, as well as my health and purity on the inside and my mental being. Continue reading “Things That Make Us Beautiful”


Natural Hair Treatment For Healthier And Longer Hair

I have only just started putting leave in conditioner in my hair (my poor curls have been seriously neglected!) but I am seeing results already. By using natural ingredients you can make your hair softer in just a couple of weeks. Continue reading “Natural Hair Treatment For Healthier And Longer Hair”


3 Simple But Important Beautifying Things To Start Doing

Since I am going to be making some changes, I decided to suss out the most crucial and obvious changes to make. Some of these things aren’t actually changes, but it’s upping the anti with how much of it I’m doing. So here are 3 beautifying things I am going to be doing. Continue reading “3 Simple But Important Beautifying Things To Start Doing”