My Radical Beauty Changes

It’s been a while since I’ve posted as I’ve been really busy trying to get back into training as well as working on some other things. One of the things I have been doing is focusing on my health, so I want to share with you some changes that I’m looking to make. Continue reading “My Radical Beauty Changes”


What Fashion School Is Really Like

When I went to study fashion I didn’t really know what to expect exactly. But I didn’t expect it to be how it turned out. I wanted to learn the in’s and out’s of designing, but instead I learnt that fashion design is too cheap for my liking, and I’ll tell you why. Continue reading “What Fashion School Is Really Like”

Can You Have A Blog With Low Confidence?

For some of us confidence comes easily, and for others it doesn’t. Confidence, not cockiness, is seen to be a good thing, even attractive, but feeling unconfident can be deeply overwhelming. Continue reading “Can You Have A Blog With Low Confidence?”


Top Tips For Online Clothes Shopping

Online shopping has its benefits. We can access many more clothing brands than those which are located in towns or high streets. We can also think through purchasing decisions which may be rushed within a shop environment. Yet we obviously can’t try garment’s on when shopping online Continue reading “Top Tips For Online Clothes Shopping”


5 Amazing Evening Dress styles

Which prom girl are you? The girly girl, Urban, Laid back glamour, The rich posh or Seductive? Continue reading “5 Amazing Evening Dress styles”


Girl Talk- Growing Up With A Big Bust- My Favourite Bra Brand

Growing Up

It took me a long time to find the right fitting bra. Being a big busted girl in ratio to my slim body meant my bra size changed a lot throughout my teenage years. It was about two years ago at the age of 20 when I believe I finally got my bra fit exactly right. Continue reading “Girl Talk- Growing Up With A Big Bust- My Favourite Bra Brand”


Beauty, Fashion And Food: What Is Right And Wrong?

I think torture is one of the worst things; worse than killing. I regard torture as an unnecessary infliction of pain, hence why I believe so strongly that animals should not be used to test on for any purpose. Continue reading “Beauty, Fashion And Food: What Is Right And Wrong?”


3 Things To Do Now To Make Your Beauty Products Guilt Free

I feel like cruelty free products are becoming a thing of their own, which I’m happy about as the harming of animals for beauty products is just not necessary. To me, cruelty free symbols on beauty products should be like the equivalent of allergy signs on food. It’s also great that some influential You Tubers and bloggers Continue reading “3 Things To Do Now To Make Your Beauty Products Guilt Free”


What A Hollywood Wax Is Really Like

I didn’t want to write a cringy blog post, but there is no way of trying to scoot around the details of this topic. I have had a Hollywood wax a couple of times and wanted to describe my experience. Continue reading “What A Hollywood Wax Is Really Like”


Review of 3 Gradual Tanning Lotions

I have tried and tested 3 different lotions which are supposed to build up a tan on the skin. The weather is warm now, and although I’ve already got a natural tan from being outside, I do like to top it up with tanning lotion just because my legs become pale so quick. I tried three brands Continue reading “Review of 3 Gradual Tanning Lotions”