Why I Love Rose Water

I recently bought some pure rose water as I’ve heard so many good things about it. Although I was paying for ‘just’ a small bottle of flowery water, at least I know what’s really in it, compared to other fancy liquids with who knows what chemicals in them, besides the price wasn’t that bad (mid market). Also I understand that in order for roses to be turned into a liquid containing all the beautifying properties Continue reading “Why I Love Rose Water”


Things That Make Us Beautiful

How do we become more beautiful? Making myself more beautiful is like a development of growth. When I think about how I can improve my beauty, I consider various things. I think about my appearance on the outside, i.e. my skin and hair and what I clothe my skin in, as well as my health and purity on the inside and my mental being. Continue reading “Things That Make Us Beautiful”

My Radical Beauty Changes

It’s been a while since I’ve posted as I’ve been really busy trying to get back into training as well as working on some other things. One of the things I have been doing is focusing on my health, so I want to share with you some changes that I’m looking to make. Continue reading “My Radical Beauty Changes”


Beauty, Fashion And Food: What Is Right And Wrong?

I think torture is one of the worst things; worse than killing. I regard torture as an unnecessary infliction of pain, hence why I believe so strongly that animals should not be used to test on for any purpose. Continue reading “Beauty, Fashion And Food: What Is Right And Wrong?”