The All Round Facial Product For Any Skincare Routine

Moisturising is an important step in everyone’s skincare routine. Using a lotion or cream keeps the skin supple, lubricated and helps the skin to retain vital water. Moisturisers also usually have other properties, such as balancing or anti-ageing. This is why all skin types should use a moisturiser.

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Dreamy Moisturiser’s With Lavender, Almond and Chocolate

I’m a dry skinned girl which unfortunately means that my lips can peel, my nose can flake and my legs can feel taut. Also I wash my hands a lot with soap which causes them to dry out extremely badly. My hands can actually get so dry that I have to keep a moisturiser in my bag at all times, as without one they can crack and bleed. Dry skin can be due to genetics, a lack of water Continue reading “Dreamy Moisturiser’s With Lavender, Almond and Chocolate”